Understanding the Rural Professional Context

This is a unit I teach. This unit builds students understanding of, and capacity to engage with, the rural as a unique professional context. The unit helps better prepare professionals for rural and regional contexts (experiencing rurality). By exploring how rurality is socially and culturally constructed, and appreciating the challenges and opportunities of rural contexts, students will be better able to situate their professional practice in rural contexts. As a Masters unit it is academic in orientation, and as such is focussed on an intellectual understanding, to then be enacted through subsequent units on professional practice per se. This unit aligns with the work of the Rural Education and Communities Research Group at UC

The unit is designed to be a sustained academic analysis on key concepts and related readings pertaining to the rural professional context.  Comprising written responses to the readings for each module and an academic essay, the unit is academic in orientation. The unit is designed around a peer learning approach, such that student responses to the readings, responses to peers, and weekly class discussions form the backbone of the unit learnings.

The Unit has seven Modules (that will be updated here as we go):

The main journals in this space that I encourage students to peruse and use in your research are: