There is more than traditional academic research to this life – re-learning artistic practice is my other way of attempting to represent the world I interact with. There are many experiments here as I explore techniques and mediums.  Part of my journey is recorded here… 

Writing (2018)  
Mixed medium, Acrylic, on canvas. I was trying here to represent the experience of planning to write. This feels right to me. 

Untitled (2018)
Experimentation with mixed medium, Acrylic, Ink, on card.  Pure experimentation and learning method, medium & abstraction. ‘Writing’ above is the final product.

On a plane (2018)
Mixed medium, Acrylic, on Board. Learning a new medium and forms of abstraction.  Thinking of an image from a recent plane trip over inland NSW, Australia. 

Sunset on sea (2018)
Acrylic on Canvas. Learning to use a palette knife. Thinking of a sunset over the sea. 

Gum (2017)
Acrylic on Canvas. Learning a new technique, while thinking of a Gum tree i saw on a morning walk. 

Corowa (2017)
Acrylic on canvas.  Thinking of a scene I encountered near Corowa, NSW, while learning perspective and reflection, and painting Gum’s.  My first ‘finished’ piece. While it has pleasing aspects the impulse to ‘represent’ reality troubles me and leaves me dissatisfied. 

Somewhere (2018)
Acrylic on canvas.  Exploring abstractions, colours & Gum representations. Probably some Fred Williams influence here.  Something here pleases me as a representation of wha is familiar.

Untitled (2017)
Acrylic on canvas.  Dealing in abstractions again, influenced by the summer folding bark of a Gum.  I’m satisfied with this composition.

Untitled  (2017)
Acrylic on canvas. Exploring contrasts, depicting shapes of a Gum, and painting Gum’s. It feels like a stormy background emerged and some hints of a sunset. Something is woking here for me.

Thank you in 4 parts (2017)
Acrylic on canvas. In memory of a scene on the road between Ivanhoe & Menindee, and inspired by a sense of gratitude towards four people who have supported me (each given one of the 4). All were quickly painted together one afternoon. 

Still life (2017)
Acrylic on canvas.  Early experiments with still life (unfinished).  The realism doesn’t do it for me. Was my second  near finished painting, so a lot of learning involved – will I finish it? I have no real inspiration to do so given the realism.

Sunflower (2017)
Acrylic on canvas. First experimentations & learnings, my first attempt at this painting thing. I have revisited a few times and changed it,becoming more abstract each time.  As yet unfinished.  

Untitled (2018)
Acrylic on canvas. Experimenting with the bark of a Gum. Painted over many times, not doing it for me, as yet unfinished. Moved from here to abstractions above. will see how it goes when the mood takes…